22 Types of Guitars: The Definitive Guide (2023)

The various types of guitars that exist in our world are so numerous that choosing the best one suited for your needs might seem impossible at first. Let us explore the most common guitars, all the way up to some models that might seem alien at first, and show you what they’re all about! Acoustic … Read more

15 Practical Guitar Tips for Beginners (2023)

Learning to play any type of instrument requires discipline and determination. The best way to master something is by being self-sufficient, as your guitar teacher won’t always be there to teach you. Here are 15 guitar tips that will make your journey easier, and it will help you develop your skills. 1. Get a capo … Read more

25 Science-Backed Benefits of Learning An Instrument (2023)

Playing an instrument is an exciting journey despite the hard work required to master this art. However, the benefits of playing an instrument are far more complex than just passing time. This activity helps you develop your social skills, enhance creativity, and improve your overall health. It will teach you how to improve your posture … Read more

Radio Statistics in 2023 (Listening & Advertising)

radio host moderating sitting in studio at college

Despite the common belief that radio is dead and not relevant to younger generations, radio still has the highest reach across all mediums and is an effective ad campaign amplifier. Radio statistics show that radio is the dominant commuting medium and is surprisingly popular among younger listeners. Radio Statistics Highlights of radio listening statistics: 1. … Read more

Music Streaming Statistics in 2023 (US & Global Data)

iPhone X with Screen shot of Apple music app and Spotify.

Streaming is the driving force of the music industry, making up the lion’s share of the revenue. The growth of the music streaming platforms is fueled by Gen Z and Millennials who prefer the subscription economy. Here’s what the latest research tells us about the music streaming statistics. Music Streaming Statistics Highlights of music streaming … Read more

Piano pedals: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Piano pedals transform the sound of the piano in such a way, that even an inexperienced person while pressing them, would capture your attention immediately while playing. They are crucial for piano, just as guitar pedals are for guitar, but let’s see exactly what types there are, what they do, and compare these pedals from … Read more

15 Tips for Learning Piano As An Adult (2023)

Learning piano as an adult, or any other musical instrument, is not as hard as one might believe. Many people dismiss learning musical instruments since they believe that they are too old to learn. Age, however, is only an excuse. We never stop learning throughout our lives, and you can learn the piano at any … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano? (2023)

woman pianist play classic Piano

Learning the piano might seem like a daunting task at first, however, it takes about a month of practice to learn the basics, play certain songs, and develop your skills. So is piano hard? It all comes down to how much time you invest in it, your sense of rhythm, and your multitasking skills. If … Read more

What is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons? (2023)

Girl Playing Piano Concept

If you are interested in learning to play the piano for yourself, or you want your child to embark on this musical journey, then it is best to start young, as young children learn faster than teenagers or adults. There are plenty of misconceptions regarding the age, however, the best age to start piano lessons … Read more

17 Types of Pianos Explained (2023)


There are so many types of pianos out there, each varying in shape and size, sound, and other features, that it becomes a difficult and strenuous task to pick one out. From uprights to grands to digitals, electronics and electrics, let’s see what type of piano might suit you. Acoustic vs. digital piano Let’s start … Read more